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Hi there! I'm Enrico, a software engineer. I pride myself in mastering the art of building delightful products with elegant code. I also enjoy doing photography, playing music, and making video/board games. I love polar bears and samoyeds.

Enrico Tanuwidjaja

I love what I do

Nothing is more rewarding than looking people smile while interacting with your creation. If they say they love it, that's a bonus! This is why I love my job. Plus, I get to play with it too.


I've been into coding since I was 12. My passion has grown from making silly games for my friends to building software for the millions.


Back then, my teacher hated me for turning stationaries into games. What can I say? I love making games, both physical and digital.


I find it intriguing to photograph people. It's never the same. When chemistry is shot with the perfect lighting, the output is pure joy.